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From web design to photography to social media management, I handle it all. I have built both Healthy Crunch and The Whole Living Kitchen websites. 


I am a certified social marketer with a passion for socializing in the digital era. I'm also the Founder & President of Parker Media Management, where I help brands connect with their consumers when & where it matters.


Let's get creating, innovating and captivating your audience. 

LOUISA SONOSKY Parker Media Management 

People We Love

Hi there!


People in the food industry call me the Food Artist. I am a Registered Dietitian, and President of my business,  Halenko Creative Agency. Here, I help share brand's stories via creative content such as photography and video.


I love working with local, innovative brands like Healthy Crunch and The Whole Living Kitchen because I enjoy working closely with their creative minds, growing together and sharing our passions for food.


Let's Collaborate. 

ELIS HALENKO Halenko Creative Agency

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