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The Night Side with Jon Pole features Julie Bednarski and Healthy Crunch

April 25, 2017

Julie caught up with Jon Pole from The Nightside on CJAD to discuss healthy snack ideas to stay thin. 


Scroll down to the clip 'THE NIGHTSIDE WITH JON POLE: The Snacks You Should Eat to Stay Thin With Julie Bednarski' to listen now!

Healthy Snack Ideas with TKO with Kara Ro on iHeartRadio

April 25, 2017

Julie Bednarski, stopped by TKO with Kara Ro on iHeartRadio to discuss healthy snacking options for Spring/Summer!

Scroll down to the interview titled TKO Show - 1:30pm - Food Food Food and listen in for some healthy snacking ideas.

Addicted Inspirations: Julie Bednarski from Healthy Crunch Kale Chips

February 10, 2017

Julie featured on Addicted Magazine discussing her life journey that brought her to the creation of Healthy Crunch.

How I Broke My Unhealthy Relationship With Food

February 27, 2017

Julie catches up with Best Health Mag to discuss how she broke her unhealthy relationship with food and learned to love herself again! 

Red Light, Yellow Light, Green Light Snacking!

September 02, 2016

Julie on Global News explaining her red light, yellow light, green light system for smart, back to school snacking! 

Tips to Make Kale Taste Great

January 31, 2016

Julie visits Sally Leung on Rogers TV to discuss tips to make Kale taste great! 

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